About Us

ENTEK is a HVAC, Building Automation and Energy Services Company whose footprints can be noted locally, regionally and nationally. Our work is performed throughout the continental United States, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii and Guam.

In 1994, ENTEK was founded by Patrick Burrows, our President. Pat, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, made his way south in 1978 to develop another HVAC company in which he partnered. While his first company became a solid success, his interests were evolving in the direction of Energy Management and Building Commissioning. Thus…..the birth of ENTEK.

Our focus has never changed, but rather has grown proportionally with our staff and our ability to meet a variety of client demands in the ever-changing world of HVAC, Building Automation and Energy related services. We are proud that many of our staff joined the ENTEK family 10+ years ago. The long tenure of our employees gives us the unique ability to maintain vision and focus during difficult economic environments. We believe this creates value and continuity for our clients and a positive work atmosphere for all who enter our doors.

We understand the value of an exceptional HVAC partner. As an owner, manager or tenant, we realize that consistency and attention to details are important. Our expansive growth in both local and national markets is the result of providing expert technical solutions, offering personal customer service and a dedication to excellence. Using those principles, we strive to make each interaction you have with our staff the very best. We look at our history with pride and gratitude for the opportunities we’ve been given. We look forward with anticipation for all that lies ahead.

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